When driving through Highland Park, one thing is clear: there sure are lots of sad, stucco boxes. Which makes one wonder, what did Paul Lacques and Victoria Jacobs see when they came upon a 1924 Bungalow that had been unceremoniously slathered in gray stucco? A year and $80,000 later, what they saw, turned out to […]

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Few things are better than a hearty price drop on a head-turning home. For your consideration, today‚Äôs drops are on a 1907, 1923 and 1923 California Bungalows with reductions of $20-50k. […]

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No, that’s not a typo. This 3 bedroom/2 bath that was sold in June 2011 for $240k, has been rehabbed and redubbed as a “modern craftsman,” for $99k. Clever marketing? Yup. Will it sell anywhere near that price? Not a chance. For lack of a better word, this place was a dump 6 months ago. […]

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