965 Montecito Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90031

1954 Mid-Century: 965 Montecito Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90031

Debuting today is this infinitely charming 1954 Mid-Century artist’s compound in Montecito Heights. With sweeping views of the Griffith Park Observatory and Hollywood sign, this secluded beauty entices with verdant gardens, meandering pathways and mesmerizing vistas.

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White hot in El Sereno: 1951 Mid-Century featured on Curbed with 38 offers and my buyers won

So maybe you spent the last month visiting relatives from coast to coast wondering why you’re doing all the traveling and luggage schlepping while they get to stay buttoned up in the comfort of their homes. If you’ve decided that 2017 is the year you end the madness and plant roots by buying your own home, you’ve come to the right place!

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Finding Reasons to Be Happy This New Year

Gorgeous vintage cars rolling through Old Havana were a common sight

Having just returned for a bucket list trip to Havana, Cuba–we were determined to get there before Starbucks, I finally found some joy again after a rough past couple months that left me feeling down and depressed since the election.

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