Odd Nights at the Autry is probably my favorite thing to do this summer because it involves gloriously beautiful Griffith Park, tons of food trucks, a full bar for me, craft beers for him, 100 mom n’ pop vendors, and live music on a sprawling grassy lawn to take it all in — FOR FREE! Seriously, this is the best return on FREE I’ve gotten in a really long time! […]

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Ah, aging. Ten years ago my idea of a great time was going to Akbar with friends, stumbling out at 2AM and hitting the taco trucks on Figueroa until dawn. Fast forward to 2016, a baby, husband and mortgage and I’m in boboland by 10PM. […]

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This is the million dollar question I get asked all the time by nervous buyers. I get it. It’s scary to plunk down the biggest check of your life. I’ve been there a few times and it doesn’t get any less nerve wracking even with time and experience. […]

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2016 is shaping up to be another scorching summer for home buyers on LA’s Eastside. While interest rates have held steady, sales prices for the most desirable homes are still selling for at least 10% over asking–sometimes more (see above). Though there’s more inventory, it’s mostly crappy — by crappy I mean dingy, dirty fixers, crap-tastic cheap flips and lifeless stucco boxes with delusional sellers who believe they can command the kind of money being thrown at the top tier lookers. The good news is that historically, summer means more inventory. More inventory means more buyers, but instead of everyone bidding on that ONE amazing house, buyers will have more to look at and offers will spread over 4-5 pretty stellar homes. Is more inventory an indication of a turning market? I wouldn’t bet a nickle on that, but it’s definitely promising news for weary buyers who have shuttled from that one magical house to the next like cattle. So what does this mean for buyers and sellers? Here are 10 piping hot tips fresh from the trenches: Buyers – You need an awesome agent who knows what she’s doing – Understand that you still need to be aggressive even […]

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The phrase elicits excitement when it gets mentioned over mimosas at brunch and it’s commonplace on HGTV, but what the heck does being “in escrow” actually mean. In part 1 of Buying a House 101, I’m going to break it down for you in easy, digestible bits so you can be better informed and feel more secure about embarking on your quest for a home in Los Angeles. […]

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