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I would love to be your agent.

Dreaming of a Craftsman, Spanish or Mid-Century character home in Los Angeles? If you’re interested in buying, selling or just curious about real estate in Silver Lake, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Mt. Washington or Atwater Village, you’ve come to the right spot.

My name is Vanessa, I’m a native Angeleno and local real estate broker. I love character homes, L.A.’s Eastside and sharing the best things to do in my hometown.

As my client, you’ll get:

– 10 years of experience as a Los Angeles real estate agent
– L.A. native who knows every pocket to help fine tune your search
– Investment property background to help you make a sound financial decision
– Strong negotiator who maintains friendly relationships with the area’s top agents
– Genuine passion for architecture, design and home restoration
– Responsiveness to texts, emails and calls
– Ability to make buying or selling a home fun, exciting and as stress-free as possible

Walking in L.A.

Vanessa grew up playing in front of her parents photo studio on 7th & Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles and took her first steps in front of the legendary Roxie Theater. Born to a Chinese/Filipino mother and Argentine father, she only spoke Chinese and Spanish until she entered kindergarten.

She earned her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley where she double majored in History and Political Science while holding down jobs at the Daily Californian and Kaiser Permanente. She obtained her real estate broker’s license soon after. Ironically, Vanessa only planned on doing real estate to save for law school, then discovered she loved real estate and never revisited a J.D.

She has always lived in Los Angeles’ Eastside from Silver Lake to the first home she bought in Highland Park. She loves the Eastside so much that she rarely makes it past WeHo. With her Asian background, she also maintains strong ties to the San Gabriel Valley were most of her extended family lives.

On her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking, obscure documentaries, working on her organic veggie garden, playing with her dogs and Words With Friends. She’s also a 3x Elite Yelper, Korean BBQ enthusiast and frequenter of food truck, music and film festivals.


Vanessa Yan
Broker – Realtor
BRE #01418060


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