One Minute Video Tip: Live Within Your Means

Do I really need a bigger house? Not if Amelia Meena of Appleshine Lifestyle Organization can help it. I recently gave up organizing my space because frankly, I was tired of shoving unused items into empty nooks throughout my house.
Sometimes, there just isn’t a home for everything and we need to learn to let go. Two trips to Goodwill later, I’m almost there.
Pro Tips from Amelia
– Pay attention to these common areas that often overflow: bookshelves, storage areas, wardrobes and gift items. Don’t be enticed to overload a bookshelf; maintain a sense of order and stay away from crammed clutter.
– Designate one storage area and don’t let yourself keep more things than can fit inside it – and keep it clearly categorized and accessible in order to find what you’re looking for.
– A wardrobe should be inspiring and exciting; weed out any dull, ill-fitting and outdated clothing.
– Make your momma proud with good manners when receiving a gift but don’t feel obligated to keep it if it doesn’t work with your lifestyle.

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