Wooooohooooooo! Northeast LA Gets Some Love

Highland Park: 2013's hottest neighborhood for home buyers
#1 Highland Park: 2013’s hottest neighborhood. Listed for $458k, sold for $465k

Not that we needed mainstream recognition, but the folks over at Redfin have named Highland Park (#1), Eagle Rock (#4) and Glassell Park (#7) as 3 of the hottest neighborhoods for home buyers in 2013.
With gorgeous character homes, lush hills, woodsy lots, restaurants, cafes, shops and diversity all within 10 minutes of DTLA, Pasadena, Silver Lake and Los Feliz–at a fraction of the cost, what’s not to love? Want a NELA (Northeast LA) soulful abode of your own? Let me know.
Hottest Neighborhoods of 2013, courtesy of Redfin
Hottest Neighborhoods of 2013, courtesy of Redfin

Eagle Rock #4: Listed for 649k and sold for 686k
#4 Eagle Rock: Listed for $649k, sold for $686k

#7 Glassell Park: Listed for 589k, sold for 605k
#7 Glassell Park: Listed for $589k, sold for $605k

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