DIY: 6 Tips to Use Your Outdoor Space Through Fall

Extend your patio use through fall with a fire pit

Nothing makes me sadder than rain and chilly weather. Even after record-breaking heat this summer, I was so bummed about the crappy weather this weekend.

So what’s an outdoor-bbqing, patio-lounging girl to do? Hold onto summer by squeezing out as much remaining deck time with these 6 tips to use your outdoor space through fall:
L-R: Built-in fire pit and UniFlame fire pit

1) Get Heat: It’s not freezing, but it’s not warm either. Assuming you don’t have an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit or deck heater are great options. The UniFlame fire pit has a custom look for $159. For about $400 more you can build one out of concrete.
L-R: Coolaroo Canopy and waterproof curtains

2) Get Protection: Weather proofing is essential for your deck or patio. It protects your outdoor furniture and cuts back on spine-tingling drafts. Something as simple as all-weather drapes and Coolaroo Canopy can cut the chills and keep the rain out.
L-R: Outdoor lantern and remote controlled candles

3) Get Lit: Gone are the days of 8:30PM sunsets. Squeeze in some al fresco dining with a little mood lighting. For those weary of setting their deck or patio ablaze, check out these awesome battery and remote operated candles!
L-R: Amazon special – outdoor carpet and themed lanterns, $72

4) Get Carpeted: No one wants to walk on cold/damp cement or wood, so cover that baby up with a waterproof area rug. Amazon has a Moroccan & Turkish themed package that I’ve got my eyes on: reversible and waterproof Turkish 4×6 rug and 2 Moroccan lanterns for $72.
L-R: All-weather blanket and waterproof fuzzy slippers

5) Get Cozy: Heat can only do so much, so for those extra crispy nights, whip out an all-weather blanket, $28 and warm your toes with waterproof fuzzy slippers, $8.
L-R: Storage Bench & Wicker Deck Mate

6) Get Organized: Is there anything uglier than outdoor storage? Big, bulky and plasticy, it’s an essential eyesore. I mean, where will you put your outdoor blankets and slippers? Why not try hiding your stuff in a bench with built-in storage or an easy to match wicker one?

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