Local Fundraiser: SPCA's iPad Art By Cats

Artists: Vincent van Meow & Meownet

The Los Angeles SPCA is hoping to raise some much needed funds with a collection of art created on iPads by four talented and adoptable kitties. Using a cat-specific app called “Paint for Cats,” the staff ran toys on top of the iPads to entice their budding artists to chase and pounce. Soon, these purring Picassos were transfixed and began creating works of art like, “Study in Feathers Toys” and “Movement in Catnip.” The pieces are currently being sold online as cards starting at $5.99 a pack. Shelter staff said the cats had so much fun, they put used iPads on their wish list so other cats can paint too.
Watch how it all went down on tomorrow’s episode of “Must Love Cats,” on Animal Planet.
Shh...artist at work

"Study in Feather Toys" by Jackson Pawlick. Images courtesy of spcaLA

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