The Power of @MauricioUmansky Marketing

Mauricio's magical mug moves condos. Courtesy Curbed LA

So yesterday, Curbed LA reported that condos at DTLA’s Ritz-Carlton were selling like hotcakes ever since Beverly Hills Housewives resident pin-up, Mauricio Umansky, took over marketing & selling duties. When I tweeted a congrats to Mauricio, that he replied to and later retweeted to his 75k followers, it literally blew up my blog!

Mauricio's power tweet

In a span of 4 hours, my blog went from an average 150 views to over 800. Which made me wonder, if Mauricio has the power to move ladies, gay men and condos, what else can he do?
Sell the Jersey Shore house?

Unload an ’02 Escalade with low miles?

Sell Old Spice?

Cell phones from the 1980s?


Yea, I’d say sold…by Maurcio Umansky.

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