Guide to 16 Classic Los Angeles Home Styles

16 Classic Los Angeles Home Styles

Los Angeles, the magazine I have a lifetime subscription to, features “classic” LA things from A-Z in its February 2012 issue. Highlights include “Elysian Park” for “E” and, not surprisingly, “quakes” for “Q.” “Architecture” kicks off the letter “A” with a pictorial of the 16 most classic LA home styles. Certain styles, like Spanish Revival, are so ubiquitous that they’ve become synonymous with LA. Lucky us for living in a city overflowing with these beautiful character homes. – Los Angeles Magazine
16 Classic LA Styles

  • Adobe: The city’s first permanent homes made from mud and straw
  • Italianate: Also known as “neoclassical Italian Renaissance”
  • Eastlake: Characterized by vertical beams & linear details
  • Queen Anne: Victorian details, domes and wraparound porches
  • Mission Revival: Inspired by missions with romantic arches and arcades
  • Craftman: Inspired by Japanese design and nature
  • Bungalow: Craftsman-inspired with porches, gabled roofs and overhangs
  • Spanish Revival: Inspired by the homes of Spain with red-tiled roofs
Spanish Revival
  • Storybook: Inspired by French farmhouses with exaggerated roofs
  • Tudor: Inspired by the medieval English country houses
  • International: Stripped down with indoor-outdoor orientation
  • Streamline: Early modern design
  • Colonial: Elegant brick construction with shutters and chimneys
  • Minimal Traditional: Born during WWII, austere, simple homes
  • Ranch: First suburb home that was as wide as the San Fernando Valley
  • Modern: Clean lines, modern elements and high-quality materials

6 thoughts on “Guide to 16 Classic Los Angeles Home Styles

  1. I actually love houses. Use to work as a Realtor in VA. Thank you for the refresher. Currently in Florida where there are a lot of of the Spanish Colonials. Dreamy. My favorite are Victorian-Edwardian style homes. Queen Anne’s are neat too.

  2. I have been to San Fran. once, but never had a chance to view any of the Victorians. I’ve only seen them on television. I bet they cost a pretty penny, huh?
    I am in L.A. sometimes though. A move may be in my future.

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